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Covid 19 pandemic made the interaction between a patient and doctor difficult. It was not easy to consult a doctor in India. Many patients were unable to avail the services and similarly, doctors were not able to deliver the same. This is where the need for online doctor consultation in India grew up.

Technological intervention gave rise to some best apps as a solution to this problem making online doctor consultation quite easy. Patients can now consult their doctors from the comfort of their homes.

Apps like Practo, Lybrate, Tata Health, Mfine have made communication between doctors and patients more manageable. Minor emergencies, first aid, etc, are made possible by these apps for online doctor consultations.

9 Best apps for Online doctor consultation in India:

best online doctor consultation India

1. Practo:

Practo is the most popular app for online doctor consultation here in India. It offers subscription-based plans. Subscription starts from Rs.349 wherein patients get digital prescriptions along with free follow-ups. Each year, Practo connects 25 million patients with over 1 lac doctor profiles from across India & other countries.

2. Lybrate:

Lybrate is another popular app for doctor consultation in India. It also offers lab tests and physical appointment bookings along with online consultation. Consultation charges start from Rs. 950 and also offers membership of Rs.2500 for a year. Over 1,50,000 professionals are available to support you through Lybrate. Lybrate lab+ is a service that lets patients submit samples online and receive results from the lab at home.

3. Tata Health:

Patients can connect with doctors here 24×7. The consultation takes place through audio calls and chats. Patients can book lab tests and even buy medicines through this platform.

4. Mfine:

Mfine quickly connects the patient within a period of 30-40 mins to the doctor. More than 375 doctors across 20 specializations can be accessed. Service is payable with free follow-up consultations.

5. Doctor 24×7:

The app provides free first consultation. Also, the follow-up is free if done within 3 days. Charges range from Rs. 100 – 600 as per the booking time of the doctor. The app has treated more than 5 lakh patients, and doctors support 24×7.

6. Portea:

Portea, based in Bengaluru, enables doctors, nurses, and physiotherapists to come to the patient’s house. The app also provides lab tests at home and medical equipment rental services. Currently, India has 21 cities where it is available. Doctors and medical professionals can monitor patients who cannot travel to hospitals.

7. Apollo 24×7:

Apollo 24×7 allows you to perform different medical procedures at home via a single online platform that includes online pharmacies, online consultations with doctors, and diagnostic laboratory tests. You can also access a secured digital vault where you can upload all your medical records and receive expert help with chronic conditions and COVID-care.

8. Docttocare:

The Docttocare app was launched in 2018 at NASSCOM Bangalore and is one of India’s best online doctor consultation apps. DoctorToCare helps users in non-metropolitan areas find doctors and hospitals in major cities and book an appointment with them.

9. Murgency:

It connects people in need of emergency responses with qualified medical, safety, rescue, and assistance professionals via an online doctor consultation app. The mobile app allows users to request medical help with just one tap. More than 3,00,000 patients have used the app for emergencies, helping them during their most critical hours.

Benefits of Online Doctor Consultation:

  • Instant medical attention
  • Second opinion
  • Access to specialists
  • Comfort and convenience
  • Cost-effective and time-saving
  • No need to save all the medical reports
  • Fewer chances of catching a new illness

What is the best online doctor consultaion India?

Now the question arises what is the best online doctor consultation India. So all the above apps are the best ones. There are a few more and all provide similar services at more or less the same price. Practo is quite well known for online doctor consultation in India.

How to consult a doctor online?

Using the above apps it is now easy for online doctor consultation in India. The steps required are

  1. Download the Doctor consulting app.
  2. Sign up with your details
  3. Choose the medical specialization/symptom. 
  4. Chose a doctor
  5. Chose slot
  6. Make payment.
  7. Be available for the consultation as per the desired slot.
  8. Get the digital prescription.
  9. You can order medicines online or get them offline too.
  10.  Also, one can book lab tests online if required.

Free Online doctor consultation India

Free Online Doctor Consultation India

Yes, eSanjeevani OPD developed by the Ministry of Health & Family Affairs Government of India provides free online doctor consultation India. Following are the steps to consult a doctor:

  2. Verify your mobile number.
  3. Generate token after registering
  4.  Login upon getting notification.
  5. Wait for your turn & consult a doctor.
  6. Download ePrescription.

Is online doctor consultation legal in India?

Yes, online doctor consultation is legal in India. It is now perfectly legal to provide teleconsultation by registered medical practitioners (M.B.B.S and above) in line with the requirements of the Telemedicine Guidelines. It has been clarified that the first consultation between doctor and patient need not be an in-person consultation, and doctors in India can provide the first consultation to patients located in any State remotely through teleconsultation. 

If a prescription for chronic diseases is to be issued, then teleconsultation should be done strictly via video. A prescription can be sent through any electronic medium such as email, WhatsApp, etc. as a photo/scan / digital copy of a signed prescription or an e-prescription.

Can I consult a doctor online for free India?

Yes, some apps like Doctor 24×7 provide first free consultation. Also, one can use eSanjeevani OPD developed by the Ministry of Health & Family Affairs Government of India to avail of free online doctor consultation India.

Importance of Online Doctor Consultation in India

The healthcare sector is experiencing a boom in providing services to consumers, but rural regions have not yet been adequately reached. The rural population struggles with insufficient infrastructure marking approximately 75%. Internet consultations might be able to help solve this issue.

  • It would reduce the disparity in healthcare offerings between rural and urban areas, benefitting the people of rural areas.
  • Healthcare providers, specialized consultations, accurate prognosis, timely diagnosis, and effective treatment can be provided.
  • Online consultations are beneficial for urbanites who can access world-class hospitals and treatment facilities but lack time to travel.
  • During Pandemics and future lockdowns it would truly be a blessing.

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