What is content writing in digital marketing

What is Content Writing in Digital Marketing and More!


Content writing is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. This is the area of marketing that is used to deliver information to the customers. These marketing materials are written in such a way that people get hooked to them, easily understand them, and lead to appropriate actions. The blog looks at what is content writing in digital marketing and how one can make content that is more useful, relevant, and valuable for your customers.

what is content writing in digital marketing

What is content writing in digital marketing

Content writing refers to creating various kinds of content for online marketing purposes with content, businesses can attract leads and nurture positive connections with their audience, pushing them down the sales funnel. 

Content writing is done by researching, planning, writing, editing, and publishing content for the web. This includes blogs posts, articles, scripts for videos and podcasts, tweets, captions on Instagram, Facebook, and other online text that a brand is promoting to sell products or services. With high-quality creative content, the brand can speak directly to its potential customer initiating a customer journey.

People are online looking for the right relevant content that can solve their problems. Digital marketing is all about making this content reach the target audience. Content writing forms the core of digital marketing as it is the content at every step that triggers the customer to take the required decision.

What are the types of Content

The content writing consists of different types of text-based writing. A brand can use each type for different purposes for promotion.

  • Written content (Short): Articles / Blog Posts, Infographics, Photos, Presentations, Quotes, Checklists, Comparisons, Research Reports, Resource Library, and Comments.
  • Written Content (Long): E-Books (Kindle, PDF), White Papers, Press Releases, Magazines, Guides, and Books.
  • Community/ User Generated: Q&A/ Ask Me Anything, Quora, Contests, Twitter Chats, Challenges, Live Chats, Forums/ Quora/ Reddit, Up-Vote/Aggregate Communities, Polls, Survey, Quiz, Forums.
  • Email: Newsletters, Blog Posts in Emails, Triggered Emails (Automation).

Different content formats can be used to reach target customers at different stages of their journey helping them solve their problems and take appropriate action.

How is content writing done

It is important for content to be unique, relevant, and optimized so as to prove productive in achieving desired results. Following are the 5 steps one can follow to make a highly productive content.

What is Content Writing and How is content writing done
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Define Niche

Niche helps you differentiate from competitors by focusing on a specific audience with a specific need. Defining your niche is very important in this competitive and vast digital universe. Your content might not even gain visibility if it is general and non-specific.


Once ready with the niche one needs to figure out what queries are people using in search engines. These queries are nothing but keywords. Keyword research is identifying these queries/ words. Keywords form the backbone of any kind of content writing. For keyword research one can use a free tool by ahrefs.

Define Content Framework

Now after defining a niche and zeroing down on keywords, one needs to define a proper structure for the content so that it is easily understood and can provide a necessary trigger for customers to take an action. One can use the following content framework:

  • Headline: Simply write multiple headlines with your primary keyword. Chose the best one which you think can compel the customer to click and view the content.
  • Introduction: Introduce your content with anecdotes and statistics. In short, write the summary of your content such that customers would move ahead to read the body of your content.
  • Body: It can be divided into 3 parts What, Why, and How. In “What” one can describe the problem and the solution for it. In “Why”  say why the solution provided here is the best. In “How” list down the steps to achieve the given solution.
  • Conclusion: It must include the summary describing why it was worth it for the customer to read the entire article to the conclusion. And also add an appropriate call to action here.

Make it Shareworthy:

A unique, in-trend content by default triggers sharing. One can use videos, latest music, infographics, animations and pictures to make the content share-worthy.

Establish Credibility:

Adding credibility helps improve the relevancy of the content. One can use statistics, and reports backing their content. Also, a testimonial, retweet, or share by an industry expert can do miracles for content by adding to its credibility and hence rank higher.

Importance of Content writing in Marketing

Awareness Building

It is important to make your content reach potential customers and create an impression of your presence in the market. Consistency with writing and publishing relevant content can help build brand awareness and brand presence. Brand awareness is an important phase in a company’s life cycle and content writing would surely help.

Earn Credibility

Good well-written content automatically results in sharing and thus earns credibility. It can simply increase the trust among the customers towards the brands. One can definitely expect Sharing, Testimonials, and Positive Reviews if the content is relevant and solves the problem. Garnering trust helps ease efforts needed by digital marketing and smoothens brands’ life journeys.

Helps Rank better

The goal of writing good content has to rank better than the competitors along with the in-built relevancy. Written content can be easily optimized using varied SEO strategies like keyword optimization, backlinking, and so on. Good content writing with catchy headlines triggers the start of the customer journey making them take appropriate action.

Content has come a long way from traditional advertising. With digital marketing, content has become the most effective way to get brands into the digital space. Consistent, high-quality content is an invaluable way to connect brands with their consumers. It places a very important role when it comes to initiating specific strategies like Digital marketing for doctors.


Content writing is an important part of digital marketing. To improve digital marketing creating quality content is very important. So it is clear now what is content writing in digital marketing, What are the types of content and How is content writing done. Good content writing builds brands. It helps brands rank higher, connect with a relevant audience and build stronger relationships. In short, it is the voice of the Brand.

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